I’m interested in becoming a COACH

Get more info on becoming an internationally certified Body Coach™ and joining the team.

I’m interested in becoming a CLIENT

Get more info on how Body Coach Club™ can help me reclaim my happiness and zest for life.

Licensed Body Coach™


We teach you to coach your clients through 10 life changing group coaching sessions. Become part of the new revolution.


What exactly will I pay for?


1. Training. How to take a group of clients through 10 sessions of dynamic coaching. Ensuring they alter habits and install new subconscious behaviors.

2. You will receive a license agreement to trade under our protecting and branding umbrella.

3. Get listed on our website as a licensed Body Coach

4. Enjoy the benefit of our national advertising and marketing campaigns that will bring you clients

5. You will have a 24/7 team leader assisting and coaching you to perform at your best

6. Access to a constantly upgraded information and discussion platform ensuring you stay at the top of the game

7. All the steps required to effortlessly build a booming full or part time business.

Body Coach Client


Join Body Coach Club™ and adopt a new life of changing habits and behaviours.

Diets and gym NOT working…?  Installing new subconscious behaviours will !


How are we different from other diet / exercise programs?


1. Diets don’t work. If they did we would all have slim bodies and we would keep the weight off.

2. It is ONLY by altering what happens on the subconscious levels that brings lasting change. SIMPLY stated: We will coach you over a number of months, not to loose weight, but to adopt a new lifestyle, with new habits, that will naturally allow you to loose weight, have more energy and feel great.

3. Body Coach Club is the starting point to a new lifestyle of healthy habits. NO DIETS!! No crazy exercise programs! Just logical healthy habits.
OKAY, we admit… there ARE a few tricks we have that does cheat the system and frustrates the traditionalists, but hey, we know it works and therefore we teach it!