What is Body Coach Club?

Body Coach Club™ can help you reclaim happiness and zest for life.

The forbidden body truth.

You’ve tried everything, and you still try everything. You’ll never stop trying everything.

And that’s why the health and fitness industry don’t want you to know what they know. The reality is that you try everything because, deep down, you know there must be a secret, right? It’s true.

We will coach you over a number of months, not to lose weight, but to adopt a new lifestyle, with new habits, that will naturally allow you to lose weight, have more energy and feel great.

Start your journey today

Join our exclusive membership program and you will have access to coaches in your area. Exclusive video contents and personalised advice.

How are we different from other diet / exercise programs?

  1. Diets don’t work. If they did we would all have slim bodies and we would keep the weight off.
  2. It is ONLY by altering what happens on the subconscious levels that brings lasting change.
  3. Body Coach Club is the starting point to a new lifestyle of healthy habits. NO DIETS!! No crazy exercise programs! Just logical healthy habits.

OKAY, we admit… there ARE a few tricks we have that does cheat the system and frustrates the traditionalists, but hey, we know it works and therefore we teach it!

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How does Body Coach Club™ work?

Body Coach Club™ is a membership club

Find a Body Coach near you by using our search function on this page.

Select the Body Coach Club™   you wish to join.

Click on the register tab and follow the easy steps.

Once you have completed the registration sit back and relax. The assigned Body Coach will contact you and arrange your first meeting.

And then ?

  1. You are now a member of a group of people on the same journey as you, wanting the same outcomes. To live a energized healthy life and reap the benefits. More energy, fun, a better body and an automatic healthy lifestyle.
  2. You will be encouraged to join at least one monthly group session.
  3. In the sessions the coach will teach, guide and assist you to progressively adopt new Eat right, Thing right and Move right behaviors and habits.
  4. You will receive regular videos, audio tracks and articles that will inspire and teach you.
  5. You will become part of discussion groups where you ask questions and receive answers from passionate coaches and mentors.
  6. You will be part of a revolution in the health industry.